7 Ways to find Your First Customer

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Ok, so you are planning to start a new business. And of course you have all the qualification to do so. You want to be the master of your own job. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step is your thought process. Impressive, Indeed! But while your presence of mind, skills and education will definitely aid your growth, you first need to take your first step. If yours’ is a new business venture or a new product launch, the work will not be as honky dory as learning the laws of Management or Business strategies given in books.

This is the real market. Every day many new companies, aspiring owners and new products are launched. And even before you know they vanish in the hub dub of market. But that does not imply that you resist yourself and leave your dream. Of course not, what you need to do is take calculative risks and at the same time learn from others’ mistakes and take advantage of their good steps. This is what the ‘Big Brands’ of today have started with. They did mistakes but always showed perseverance, they did not give up and were continuously running towards their goal not ceasing a second. And then you shouldn’t forget that opportunities come to those who look for it. In the present world of technology and internet, you have the added advantage of social networking sites as well. So here are the top 7 ways which will pave your way to a successful start up:-

Reach your Existing Network– Of course it is of great significance that you have good contact. There will be friends, colleagues, relatives and the neighbors. You can definitely converse to them about your products or your new business. You must be having some such friends who will be the besties. These will aid in finding your first customers. And if your products are good enough it won’t take time to reach out the masses.

Social networking sites– There are so many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and what not. It is of immense importance to do the publicity of your product on these sites. You might find many potential customers here as well. In the same way you can also develop your own webpage or better to get it customized and share the link on your wall. It will be a very worthy step. However ensure that you follow up well, because the social network is very fast to spread the good and bad messages.

Blogging– Another interesting way to attract customers is blogging. The readers are very well connected to what they see and read. Hence get a website done for your company. Even if you cannot afford a vey fancy one, there are the simple ones available as well. You only need to ensure that it has SEO services and feedback page. This will attract your customers and make them visit the webpage.

Free Services– There was a cleaning company coming up in our neighborhood. But since most of the neighbors already had their own favorite cleaning people, so no one wanted to try something new. But the company owner was indeed a smart lady. She started cleaning carpets for free, or giving free car cleaning with every carpet clean. She also provided the customers with cleaning products as compliment thank you. And all this time, maintained doing hard work and giving best results. And as it was expected, her business grew and now she handles the work not for just our neighborhoods but for our friends too. So when you initially start up, you need to take such steps.

Targeted audience– If you advertise man grooming products in a children platform or health care products in a youth podium, it will not have the correct impact. So you need to know who your targeted audience are and where can you find them. If you are looking online, it is easier to advertise about your products. Supposedly your products are women care or designer clothes for women, you can paste your link or your pictures on the websites related to cooking, gardening or even the lifestyle products. In this manner you will find your target audience with ease.

find your first customer

Be truthful– No business can spread on false wings. So when you are contacting the probable clients or customers never ever bluff about your product or services. If you are saying you will give 24 into 7 services, ensure you have the requisite man force and technology to do so. Or else be clear that we work only 5 days a week. False statements by you will only malice your credibility. And in the business market it counts the most. Similarly if you have mentioned in your site to give some free product or cash back do it even if you feel it is not taking you to profit. Because only and only a happy customers will return to your site. And you do want lost of happy customers.

Take risks but be calculative– When you start a new business, you have to take some risks. Like you need to trust some people and invest in some shares. But you can’t do this blindfolded, that won’t be smart. So take risks but do it after careful speculations and then be profited.

Once you find your audience you should ensure that not a niche remains uncovered when giving the services. It is easier to find the customers than maintain them. You need to be sure not to ever compromise with quality. And never take your customers for granted. And if you have a website or a webpage (which is a must), ensure that feedbacks, comments, pictures, links all depict the true and positive picture of your product and your services. Hard work blended with work ethics is sure to take you to position where even sky is not the limit.

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