13 Ways How to Increase Website Traffic From Google Plus

Google Plus is proving to be a much more reliable source than other social networking sites when it comes to improving the website traffic. Even though most of the businesses might not have many people engaging with them in Google+, studies suggest close to 500 million users to be interacting socially with all of the Google products. The major attraction that makes Google+ different from other social media sites is its ability to provide marketers with the opportunity to have an interaction with the visitors much more than direct social visits such as direct search results and YouTube etc.

In general, it provides businesses an enhanced way of attracting visitors towards their website. With Google+, the potential traffic channels are sure to multiply. However for this technique to work in your favor, the visitors must actually engage with your website. Google+ follows some of the best tactics and practices that would help visitors engage with your website and thereby generate enhanced traffic for your website.

Google Plus Company Page

A company page has to be created in Google Plus primarily. You will have to include certain key information on the company page as a means to improve the website traffic.

The information to be included is:

  • Website URL of the company
  • YouTube URL
  • Contact Information
  • Additional links that would help drive website traffic back to your website


Standing out successful from your competitor matters a lot in the success of your website. For a visitor to take notice of your Google+ post among the thousands of posts available, they must find something unique and attractive in your blog post. Headlines have a very significant role in helping your blog post become popular. If the headlines are really impressive, then there is no doubt that people will start noticing your blog and will find the time to click your blog post and read it. Google incorporates the headlines in the title tag of the blog post and the same headlines will be displayed in the search results of the Google Search Engine too. It almost acts like a micro-blog in which the headline must be as engaging as the blog post to attract visitors towards the site.

Format The Posts Accurately

This is a feature that is only available with Google+, unlike other social networking sites in which the formatting is not at all possible. Formatting helps make the blog post simpler to read since most of the readers would not have the patience to read until the end of the post.

Add Images And Animated GIFs That Are Designed To Enhance The Engagement

Posts with images attract more visitors towards the website compared to the posts that might be informative but would be without images. Animated GIFs are also much popular among the business circles and readers are more interested in clicking posts that have animated GIFs in it. Make the images and animated GIFs as impressive and attractive as possible to rank well among the search results.

Create Circles

Ensure that you create a circle for your business page and choose the right kind of people in the right circle. Especially when you are posting a blog on a topic related to social media, ensure it reaches the right audience with those who have a passion towards social networking sites.

Send Email

With many of the businesses or bloggers thinking that enabling the ‘Public’ circle will provide them with more visitors, it is desirable to go ahead with targeted circles since it will help you reach the right kind of audience who might be really interested in the products as well as services your company has to offer.  There is also an option titled ‘Also Send Email’ which will ensure the message conveyed by the businesses regarding any latest updates or offers reach the right customers at the right time.

Make Use Of Hashtags

The hashtags feature works the best in Google+ compared to other social networking websites. Once a user clicks on the hashtag, then Google Plus will identify the posts based on that hashtag and will display it for the users. In addition to it, the related hashtags would also be displayed which would help you receive new content ideas and thereby help measure the importance of topics. This feature also helps in enhancing the website traffic especially from visitors who are related to the content and products or services offered by the company.

Google Plus Communities

There is not a good way than what is offered by communities in which people with same passion and interests group together. You will be able to find members of those communities who are willing to learn a lot and have many of queries which they expect the online marketers to reply. You will have to find the communities that suit the best with the industry related to the products or services offered by your company. Businesses can then share information with them which can then result in future lead conversions as well as the increase in the traffic of your website.

Fill Out The Contributor Section

Google Authorship is about to get a makeover soon and the change is expected to impact the website traffic in many ways. It is desirable for businesses to fill out the contributor section before the changes are being made.


It is considered to be among one of the most effective ways of increasing the website traffic. By allowing your followers to take part in a face-to-face online discussion and sharing insights regarding a topic of discussion, it can significantly improve the website traffic considerably.

Longer Posts

Google Plus acts both as a visual as well as a text medium. The lengthier posts increase the impression among the visitors that the blogger is really informative in conveying the views by providing them with the most important points in detail. It is far better and effective than simply posting a link to the latest blog post and expecting the readers to click on it. It is also good to provide readers with the additional context that must contain information about why they must click the post and share.

Google+ Comments

Google Plus allows companies to include the Google+ comments on their own blog. The most important attraction of the commenting feature is that the readers are provided with the option of sharing the post to their own Google+ followers whenever they leave a comment on your website. This helps improve the reach of your post to a wider audience and thereby help increase the traffic of your website.

+Post Ads

It is an interesting feature that allows businesses to display their successful Google+ post as an ad that will be displayed on Google networks. It is a paid promotion feature which is likely to improve the number of social shares for your website and help the website popularity reach more audiences who might be viewing your products or services for the first time. The social sharing will continue even after the paid promotion is over and thereby providing businesses with a significant advantage in increasing the traffic of their website.


Google provides businesses with additional options for including actions that can be embedded automatically within the post such as video watching option, newsletter sign up and opening up of an application etc. Thus Google+ provides businesses with an identity platform which works effectively with Google and which could be connected with varied devices as well as web services. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which still help generate traffic towards your website, Google+ and its enhanced integration with several other platforms allows businesses to reach more potential visitors than what is offered by other social networking sites. Following the above-mentioned tips make it clear about the numerous benefits offered by Google+ in improving the traffic of your website.


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